Happy CNY in advance

Wishing everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy and a happy holiday to the non-Chinese readers.

Just finish watching Bernas CNY commercial and it got me crying. Omg...

"Family is forever." "There's nothing like family." Family is your pillar of strength that keeps you going. ♥ Appreciate your loved one and don't forget to spend quality time with them this CNY.

The commercial is way better than Petronas 2012 CNY. This year's commercial is such a disappointment.

Guess Petronas ad will never be the same without Yasmin Ahmad and Tan Yew Leong.

We always see Lion Dance right? Now here's a Tiger Dance for you all. And it's very fresh and creative:

First time received angpao not from my parents/granny first.

From my new boss, KL (same initial as my bff. Hehe...)
I went to the bank during lunch hour today but then the salary is not out yet even though they announced that they are banking in today. Very slow ar but I think by now it's already in my bank account but what's the use when the bank is not open. I go back hometown don't have internet access to do online banking. Isk... Plus right now I can't access the online banking. Something happy to end my last working day of the rabbit year is that Daddy informed me about my increment and I am happy with it. No longer have to play a guessing game and I can start planning. Although I can't really sustain if I want to buy a car. Calculated with Jess as previously she earned more than my increased salary but she still can't afford a car.

Malaysia new coin. Got a hold of it. ^^
I thought it is going to be out mid this year but apparently it's out.
Funny thing after I told my daddy about my increment. I am referring to my real dad.

Me: Daddy, I got an increment of XXX.
Daddy: You got increment means I got increment also lor. Haha...
Me: No wor. I need to buy car. The increment I need to pay monthly car installment plus I need to start paying my study loan of RM3xx per month and I need to allocate money for petrol, maintenance and car insurance. That makes it a deduction in the money I am giving you. Haha...
Daddy: *Speechless*

Haha... I felt like a bad daughter now.

CNY got homework ar... Feel like I am still a student. CNY is my study break. >.<

Have to study the whole Media Facts book as the COO gonna Q&A us after CNY.
I didn't even finish the book Big Daddy photostated for us.
Very nice book. Read half way through already.

Although I got no CNY feeling, I still maintain the custom of spring cleaning. Very tired now that I thought I'm gonna collapse just now. I reached home at 10.30pm (from work), open my office email, wash clothes, wash toilet then bath. Half way bathing I felt horrible that I thought I'm gonna break. Exhausted.

I even spring cleaned my work place. ♥

Putting everything (2003-2010 team's stuff) into the box to be stored.
The after is not the latest caused it's still very messy. The boxed up in pink is the most obvious change.
Happy Chinese New Year in advance everyone. Have a safe trip/journey home :-)