Songs for the night

Let me just update you with a few songs that I'm addicted to recently before I go to sleep. What am I doing being up so late? I was waiting for creative just now.

I hate to admit this but I've been repeating this song over and over again. Just this song alone only which is odd as I tend to grow "jelak" listening to one song repeatedly everyday and I will feel like I wanna vomit. I remember my ex-roommate used to play the song "Because of you" over and over again till I hate that song so much because it grew so irritating. Some times I will just go into the room and hide because the song was played repeatedly. I didn't tell my roommate because I don't wanna offend her plus it's nothing serious. I can just avoid it or put on my own ear phone. I meant no offense back then, I mean no offense now too. Just telling out my thoughts.

Just a kiss "GOODNIGHT".

Going off to bed now. Have a good night and enjoy the songs.