Twin's mission

Hehe... Reviewing 2 movies I watched previously: Mission Impossible and Jack & Jill.

Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol)
To think back, the longer I delay my review on the movie, the more details I forgotten the detail on what I wanted to blog about. Like my colleague said, it's a combination of Jackie Chan, Die Hard and James Bond. It's different from previous Mission Impossible but still I kinda like it. Some of the parts are over exaggerated but a movie is still a movie. Entertaining and humorous plus a great lot of advertising for BMW.

Great stunt which is why my colleague commented that it's very Jackie Chan. Tom Cruise - although old, he is still stunningly awesome. There are part when the story is quite heart warming. Ie: When you thought that Ethan's wife was killed brutally and the vengeance he took up til the final revelation to William.The movie is exhilarating and overall is damn good.

Rating: 6/7

Jack and Jill
It's a quirky, crazy movie but funny and entertaining. Yes, it's stupid and don't make sense but it's the nature of the movie. It's a no-brainer, ridiculous but thumbs up. Very funny, and great for a good laugh. My first movie in 2012.

Rating: 5/7

Talking about action movie, I particularly love Matt Damon's Bourne Series. From Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum and Bourne Legacy.

I saw the book "Bourne Dominion" and am wondering if it's going to come out. The book was published last year. If it's coming out I would definitely go and watch that movie. While "Googling" the book, I realized that there's 4 more books in between Bourne Legacy and Dominion. Wow. If each has a movie that would be great. Hehe...