Yang I-Deun and KLCC Skybridge

I'm sleepy already and wanted to sleep but suddenly a song played and reminded me of someone. So, I decided to blog a while and finish the song before sleeping. Dedicating the song to CK who introduced the song to me:

Anyway, here's a sharing on a great pianist

Love this pianist at The Curve. Loved his music. It got his soul inside ♥
Someone brought me to Mont Kiara to share his future dream
and while walking towards  a shop called Piano,
I could recognized him from the music even from afar.
Apparently, he plays there as well.

One of his performances. I was there:

I was loitering at Tokyo Street today.
Random shot.
The skybridge connecting KLCC and Pavillion.
It took about 10 minutes walk from Pavillion to KLCC.
It's air conditioned and was officially open for public usage on 28 Jan 2012.
You will reach KLCC Convention Centre. This placed used to be the car park connecting
KLCC and the Convention Centre. Proof I haven't come here for a long time.
Finally reached KLCC. Been walking back & forth from
Pavillion-KLCC-Pavillion/Sg Wang- KLCC. Crazy crazy me =p
Okay. Going to bed now. Good night.