21 Feb 2012

It's 21.02.2012 today.

I am going to bed soon. No, you didn't "hear" me wrong. I am still down with fever. My fever is still on and off even under medication. >.<

Remember I said I spring clean my work station? Here's a real before and after picture:

It's so much comfortable working at a cleaner environment ^^
Yes. It's a nice comfy, clean space but then the air ventilation is not very good. Once someone is sick, the virus will start spreading. I think I got my sickness from Dwayne 弟弟 this time.

Got this pack from KLIA duty free shop.
If people say that smokers die younger, I will say that advertisers die even more younger. They don't just smoke but they... I mean we drink as well. Not just that, with load and load of late nights, I think we are going to die way earlier. Haha... No wonder I still haven't recover from just a simple fever and flu since Friday.

It feels very odd that all I want to do when I get home is to rest and sleep especially after taking my medication. Not doing anything at all. Not even to get some personal time. I am going to work even though I am sick because I can't just let go off what I have at hand. Such a workaholic. I've been so busy that I've distanced myself from everyone I am close with especially CK, D and Mr Penguin. It felt so odd. I miss them a lot yet I don't make the time to meet them. Or I just want to sleep and rest with the time I have right now. I am sick ma... Hehe...