Allergic attack

Wow. I haven't update my blog for a long time (I know it's just few days). Hehe... Been down with the fever last whole week but still working til quite late. When I got home I was totally knock out. Haha. After that I got allergic attack during the weekend. No more duck for me. Mummy say it's poisonous. Two allergic attacks in 3 days. I am not very sure if I have allergic towards the allergic medicine I took. LOL. After taking the medicine, I developed lots of red spots. I felt so scare standing near people as I thought I had measles attack today. Haha...

First allergic attack. Transforming into monster.
2nd allergic attack today >.<
I will have to control what I am eating for these few days. No egg, prawn, chicken,.... seafood. This is from the 中医 (traditional Chinese medicine) perspective. Both doctors I went to did not ask me to control my diet.

Out of a sudden, I am a iPhone user. Although I have been talking about it for months before it come out, I still don't believe it. Haha... My colleagues dragged me to go and get it. I told them once the pay is out then I will go and buy. Spot on that once the pay is out, they bring me straight to get it. OMG. Unbelievable.

My new phone ♥
Talking about iPhone, I owe someone my blog address. Totally unsure about my blog address when he asked me. I don't remember if I used scchoong or choongsc cause both are my usual username. I always have to swap between these 2 usernames because of the availability. So sorry for the last response.