Black Monday?

I woke up feeling very good and refresh who may have thought that it's not a good day. >.< Or so I thought.

Early in the morning while changing into a cloth that I haven't wore for a long time, my BB cream "terkena" my cloth that I was force to change.

I miss out 2 very important calls today because my phone gone cuckoo. Reach office my phone was completely not working and I can't retrieve back the numbers that call me. T.T

While I was on my way home, it started drizzling. I almost reach my guard house that I put aside the thought of using an umbrella. One of the reason is that I wanted to chill down. A little moody because my phone spoilt. Out of a sudden, it rain so heavily that I was completely wet.

I reached home, went into the lift and started laughing. *傻傻的笑* LOL. I guess it's the "me" that has been burried deep down resurfacing. I am guessing, I am here to stay ~ the simple, happy and optimistic me. *peace sign* :)

Welcome back ♥ I have miss you for a long long time.

Whee... I ♥ the rain.
Looking from the bright side, since I'm thinking of changing my phone end of this month then maybe I have to speed it up by 2 weeks. The rain help to chill me down and since I got home drenched, I got to use the toilet first. Else I would have to wait an hour for my housemate to bath. Haha...

Saw this quite nice T-shirt design by Threadless -
A place where no once can hear us. Sweet ♥
An additional thing that pop-up today: I have long see someone getting her retribution. I saw it again today but I actually pitied her. From the very beginning of time, her attitude of hurting me didn't make me hate her but in fact, I pitied her insecurity. Seeing it today, I pray you find the inner peace within yourself. Don't go hurting your loved ones any more. Sincerely, SC.

To add on, Happy Valentine's Day. Here to love: