Cherish your parents

I remember reading an article written by a blogger in The Star and finds it very meaningful. As the original post is no longer there, here's a reedited version of mine:

I vaguely remember back during my primary school year, my English teacher asked us to define the word "family". One of my classmates answered that "family is a group of people living together." However, the word "family" carries more meaning than the answer mentioned.

"Family" is more than just a group of people living together. If we break the word and give meaning to each alphabet, it meant "Father And Mother, I Love You".

Our parents are the core of the family. Without them, a family would be incomplete. Have you ever realized that the time you can spend with your parents is getting shorter and shorter as we grow older?

When we are still a child, our parents are always around us. They spend their time taking care of us and also teaching us the basic of living ~ how to walk, talk, use the fork, button the clothes, tie the shoelace, bath and more.

However, from the moment we step out of the house to further study or work, the time we spend with our parents becomes lesser. Perhaps we only go back to meet them during the festive season.

Do you remember when is the last time you said "I Love You" to your parents? I believe that majority of us would have answered that it is very very long ago. Maybe 10 or 20 years back. It's not easy for us to express our love verbally especially for Asian people. We are very conservative in expressing our love verbally. We feel awkward to do so. However, we should express our love to them more. I know action speaks louder than word BUT some times a simple "I love you" (by that you really must mean it) means a lot to them. If you don't express yourself, how would they know? "Say something, change something" (A tagline from Digi recent campaign).

Our parents sacrifice a lot for us. You can't find anyone else that loves you unconditionally apart from your parents. Do not abandon them or find them to be a hassle when they are old. If they can be patience with us, taking good care of us, loving us unconditionally, hold our hand to guide us, feed us, help us tie our shoelace, bath us,......etc... while we are still young, why can't we do the same for them when they are old? When one day they don't have the strength to walk or their pace slows down, when they can't take care of themselves. Please do not rush them if they walk very slow. They didn't do that to us when we are learning to walk. Please do not scold them for being useless as they are unable to take care of themselves. They used their heart to take care of us ever since we are a baby. If they have listened to us patiently when we are young; talking and asking a lot of questions, why can't we be patience when they share their past memories with us over and over again?

Also, it reminded me of the following post shared earlier in Jan 2010:
How long have you not go back and visit your parents because you are busy? Let me calculate for you an astonishing result. Assuming your parents are 55 years old and that they can live up to 80 years old, you still have 25 years time to visit them. If on average, you only go back and visit them once in a month, that will be 12 times a year... In total, you only meet your parents 300 times! If every visit is 5 hours, it will be equivalent to 1,500 hours and 1,500 hours is 62.5 days... Which means that the time spends with your parents is only two months! So, friends, it’s time to go home and spend some quality time with your parents.

You can never repay their love. All they need is just very simple - they just want us to accompany them when we are free. That's all that they need to make them feel warm and loved. Cherish your parents while you still can. Tell them that you love them with every opportunity you have. You never know how long more you can still have with them.

* Mummy, daddy, I love you ♥