Eye Creams

Someone told me today that I look like a combination of Ah Sa and Ah Kiew (Twins - A Cantopop duo from Hong Kong). They didn't mentioned which part of me looks like Gillian Chung but they said that I have the face shape of Charlene Choi and a pair of beautiful eyes. I used to receive a lot of comments saying that I have a pair of nice eyes; big and round just like my daddy. But now, I think my eyes are ugly with the big baggy dark circles. That's what you get for working without knowing day and night.

AK used to tell me that what's most important for a suit like us is to invest in eye cream. The following are my reviews on a few eye creams that I have tried before:

Garnier Light Eye Roll-On
It's called the Brightening Eye Roll-On but I don't find it to be effective apart from just being moisturizing. It gives a very cooling effect which gives the eyes a relief from tiredness. I think that's the benefit of it but it does not help to reduce eye bag and eye circle.

Rating: 2/7
Price: Around RM25.

Ginvera Jade Eye Circles Roll Away
I think this eye roll-on is better compared to Garnier Light because it does help to prevent eye puffiness and also help to keep the eyes to feel refreshed. However, it does not help to reduce eye bags but it does help to reduce dark circle but very minor only. Don't say my words are very conflicting. The product helps to prevent eye bag but it don't reduce it. But I do love the cooling effect after rolling it on. ^^

Rating: 3.5/7
For the price given (RM30ish), I think the after effect is quite reasonable. Although it don't reduce, it prevents the eye from getting baggier. Hehe... ^^

I am so sorry I didn't snap any picture as this was quite a long time back. I've finished using the above mentioned eye roll-on and then I swapped to Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum with Bird Nest. I think it works perfectly in reducing the eye bag and puffiness. It managed to reduce some dark circle but not a lot. Apparently this product is divided to two. One is for eye bag and the other for dark circle and I think it really depend on what you are looking for in the product. Buying both will be very pricy though. It's around RM80ish for one when I bought it. It was during a promotion at Watson. Quite often this product has a promo so you can wait til then to get it.


I love the cooling effect it gives. I used it twice a day and think that it works perfectly. It does help to reduce my baggy panda eyes from my late hours of work. I think this is the best that I have used after trying 4 products.

Rating: 5/7

I only reviewed 3? Yes, I am currently using Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream and I haven't start to see the effect yet. Maybe because I just started using it. Can't comment so much about it but it doesn't have the cooling effect the rest of the eye cream provide. It's very different. The texture is different but then it's still good to be used under cosmetic (I only use BB cream once in a while). I haven't see any reduction of eye bag or dark circle but it does help to prevent them. I will keep you all updated on the effect since I only started using it. It cost around RM80ish as well. ^^

Rating: I just started using the product so it wouldn't be fair to rate it now.

However, I still prefer Bio Essence over Body Shop product. Reason being is the Body Shop lack the cooling effect that gives the eye a refreshing feeling. =p

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post