Isle of the Eagle - Day 1

I'm going to start blogging about Langkawi and in very detail. This trip purpose was to bring my parents around. So, we didn't go to a lot of places. I'm going to furnish you all with the details of accommodation and mood of transportation first.

We stayed at Casa Fina Fine House Sdn Bhd. I rented it quite a few months back as it was the CNY duration. The only requirement is to pay a deposit of 50% a month before the reservation. You can contact this place at 04-9533555 or They are quite friendly.

The receptionist
The king size bed
Single bed. The other side of the room I didn't capture the picture.
The toilet
The room I rented was the deluxe quad. It's actually a room for 4 with a king size bed and 2 single beds but we squeeze in the 5 of us.

Rating: 5/7

*The place is brand new because when I went over last year, it's still not ready yet. So, the place is still quite nice. They have cabin rooms but because I require a room for 4 people, the room is located on top of a shop lots. So, it's quite stuffy especially downstairs is a restaurant. However, leaving the air cond on for 24 hours make it better.

Price: It's reasonable. The room cost us RM228 per night.You have to put down a key deposit of RM100.

Staff: 6/7 - They are very friendly.

We went there by Air Asia which we bought the ticket many months ahead. It cost us around RM180 per person for 2-way flight. Previously by bus and ferry, per person is RM120 (Bus RM42 and ferry RM18 for 1-way). Traveling by bus took us 7-9 hours excluding ferry time of 45-60 minutes. Traveling by plane is only 1 hour so RM60 is actually a lot more worth it.

On board. Before departing.
Reaching Langkawi.
Reaching Langkawi International Airport.
I got myself a car rental that is very reasonable. I got a contact number from Ray as he is from Kedah. The PIC is Ms Chan @019-4171508 but she only has car at the Jetty, not the airport and only work til 7pm. Ray told me that she provide even cheaper car rate. The Agent that I contacted was Abang Din @019-4499849 from JT Travel. He is a nice Agent and remember to be a smart consumer - remember to bargain price o... ^^

It's always the best to reach Langkawi and bargain prices. This is best to do at Jetty because there's limited car rental Agency at the airport. However, I got Abang Din contact from CK who reached there few days earlier. She rented the car at RM130 per day. He gave me the same price when I called him and he lowered it til RM250 for 2 days. When I reached Langkawi, I called and asked to reduce the price which he reduced to RM210. Abang Din works in Jetty but he purposely brought a car to the airport for me. Good service. ^^

My previous trip I got a very old Proton Wira at RM100 per day. Now, I got a Kia Sentra for RM105 per day which is very worth it. The previous round we weren't that smart to bargain. The Agent who passed the car to us, Abang Man @017-5057955 is very friendly. They are even very good and trusted us without requiring us to put a deposit to the car that my brother even took the Island Hopping package from him even though it's RM4 more expensive per person. The Island Hopping package is RM35 per person but I found another package at RM30. I will talk about the Island Hopping experience at the 2nd post.

We reached Langkawi quite late around 7.30pm. By the time we checked in and went to grab our dinner, it's around 8ish, 9. We went to Orkid Ria for our dinner. It's located at Pantai Cenang; just 5 minutes drive away from the place I stay.

The place was crowded as it was the first day it reopen after they closed for Chinese New Year. Lucky CK was down and I asked her to grab a place for us. We only got to eat our dinner at 10ish.

Disappointed with the food there. The standard and quality of the food drop badly from the first round I went there. Very disappointed as I think because there's too many people that they cut on the ingredient and also take us like a 水鱼. It's so expensive and the food is average only.

 The long queue.

The ambiance there as it is during CNY.

The foods we ordered. 
Pic 1: Mid size prawn RM173.70.
Pic 2: Fish RM137.30.
Pic 3 & 4: Taufu and vege.
Rating: 2/7 (The previous time I rated full but this time really very disappointed).