Isle of the Eagle - Day 2

Before going in to the 2nd day, I forgotten to say that the night after dinner at Orkid Ria, I went to Barcelona with CK and her bf. We were missing the chocolate martini that D had bought us the trip before. So, we went back to the same place for it. We sat there reminiscing the night that we had almost a year back and also me updating CK as we have both been very busy and meeting up lesser and lesser.

Last year's picture of the chocolate martini.
I didn't capture picture because the camera was my sibling.
The place had changed from the previous time we went over. The place was now covered up and I prefer the previous round as it is more open and we can see the sea. As it was during the CNY, the weather was sultry and there was no sea breeze. The performance still haven't change. They are still playing with fire but instead of few people, this time only 1 guy was performing.

While I was busy drinking with my friends, my brother and sister were busy exploring Pantai Cenang at night. Below are some pictures taken by them:

Right opposite the place we stayed.
Out at Pantai Cenang.

The second day, we woke up early in the morning and went for breakfast before going for island hopping. As I've looked at blog, we went to Breakfast Bar for our meal. But definitely not a good recommendation. Just average, normal food at an expensive price.

Rating: 1/7

We had our breakfast at Pantai Cenang as our tour guide was coming over at 9am to pick us up at the place we were staying. Our guide came over and "fetch" us to the place to catch our boat.

*Fetch here is because she drove the MPV to pick us up but then they asked us to drive our car and tag along as it would be easier for us to go home or we would have to wait for the guide to pick us up.

Actually I thought we were departing at Jetty, Kuah as per what was told on Google but then, the place we took the speedboat was just 7-10 minutes drive from the place I stay. It was at The Lanai.

All the island hopping package there consists of 3 islands - Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah. The package is RM35 per person. Actually you can get cheaper rate at RM30 but my brother insist of going with the Agent we got our car from.

It's my first experience going on a speedboat. When we watch movie, it looks very enjoyable going on a speedboat but in truth, it's quite rough.

The first island we went to was Pulau Dayang Bunting or translated to English is "The Island of the Pregnant Maiden". The name of the island was derived from the landscape/silhouette there whereby it resembles a pregnant lady.
All the speedboats waiting for us.
This is the island from afar.
There was a legend towards it as well. You can go to the following link for the story. According to the legend, women who are childless and infertile will be blessed with children after bathing themselves in the lake. The lake is 10 minutes walk into the island. The journey into the lake is a bit scary as there's a lot of monkey around. Remember don't carry any plastic bag or bottle or the monkeys will come and snatch it away from you. Be careful.

At the jetty.
The journey into the lake.
Reaching the lake.
The scenery there.
There's water recreational activity there.
We were left alone at the island for an hour. Remember to take your life jacket together with you else you will have to rent it (if you are planning to go into the water which is 30-feet deep).

Next we went to Pulau Singa Besar but we did not stop and explore the island as the speedboat driver said that the wave is to big and it's a bit dangerous to stop and climb up the jetty. He stopped there for about 5-10 minutes for us to capture the picture of the eagles flying nearby the island. Some of the boat drivers thrown chicken skin into the water so that the eagle will fly nearer to us. The island is declared as a wildlife sanctuary and forest reserve but too bad we can't explore the island :(

Bro & sis tried their best to capture the eagles pic but fail la...
Pic courtesy from
Then we headed to Pulau Beras Basah. Actually there's nothing much to do at this island. Our boatman said that he will give us an hour here but if we want to leave earlier we can do so. We spent almost 45 minutes here snapping pictures and when we headed back to the boat, our "boat mates" were already there waiting for us. Basically what you can do here is to swim, sunbath or enjoying the scenery there. The sand is white and the water there is crystal clear. There is a shop for water activity there but I didn't pay much attention to what is offer.

Pulau Beras Basah.
The view once you reached the island.
The other side of the island.
The jetty there but most speedboat stop straight at the beach.

A pic with mummy ♥
As usual, I love to leave my mark at the beach
Sis trying to make hers.
The whole island hopping took us around 3 hours. It is suppose to take 4 hours but since we didn't make a real stop at Pulau Singa Besar and spent lesser time at Pulau Beras Besar, the time was shorten.

By the time we reached Pantai Cenang, it was already 1.30pm. Daddy was already hungry and we cancelled our plan of going to "Hole in the Wall Restaurant" located some where nearer to Kuah which will then take us another 30 minutes plus to travel there. As such, we decided to stop some where nearby to have lunch so that we can head back to the hotel and take our bath plus giving mum and dad the time to rest.

We had our lunch at Boat Restaurant which is not a wise choice. It's cheap but the quantity is so less. You can see the picture below:

Price: Fried squid - RM9, Vege RM8, Venison RM15, Claypot Chicken RM9.
Total damage for lunch including drinks and rice is RM56. I can consider that since it is cheap you can't expect too much in terms of quantity but then the taste is not very nice lor... So, I wouldn't go back to this place. The restaurant is located at Pantai Cenang as well.

Rating: 2/7

We went back to the hotel after lunch to clean up (shower) and daddy wanted to sleep. We ended up going back out to Eagle Square at 5pm. This is the only time we spend out at Kuah town which is 20 minutes drive from Pantai Cenang. We spend our evening at Eagle Square to take picture but the sun was so so so hot so we didn't spend much time here. We ended up snacking at McD. Initially we wanted to go to Starbucks but parking was very far away and scare that it will be tiring for mummy and daddy that we went to McD.

At the Eagle Square. It was very sunny that not many people was there.
This angle is way nicer as it made the eagle look very mighty and strong.
We went back to Eagle Square a little later after the sun was setting. We found a very scenic place looking out to the Eagle and spent quite some time there taking picture and then went to Taman Legenda.

From afar...
Loving this picture a lot with mum and dad sitting there.
Growing old but still sweet together. Love this feeling ♥
Trying to imitate mum & dad.
Borrowing bro's back silhouette for a pic.
This pic is more romantic compared to the one taken with bro.
Love this look and feel.
Love this more... 逍遥自在 ♥
The big Taman Legenda map.
We didn't explore the Taman Legenda. We only took few pictures at the outside and went for dinner. We had our dinner at Restaurant GLK at Kuah town. This is the best meal we had at Langkawi.

Guinness Stout Chicken, Steam fish, Tomyam prawn (individual bowl), Mix vege. Didn't take taufu's pic.
It's located at Persiaran Mutiara. Just realized I didn't blog about this place last year. I don't have a picture from this place no wonder I forgotten to blog about it 2 months after the trip. OMG. Haha... I came here before and both time rating would be of course 7/7. It's good. Last year is cheaper. This year is a bit more expensive but still very reasonable and yummylicious. My parents and siblings were also saying that this place is the best meal they had in Langkawi.

Price: Fish - RM40, Mantis prawn - RM10, Vege & Taufu - RM9 each, Tomyam prawn - RM 16.
Total damage including rice and drink is RM104.
Service: Extremely friendly. I still remember the boss from my previous trip and he is still as friendly as ever. Good guy. He reminded me of the boss at Kopitiam, Block B @ my office buidling.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. Daddy and mummy rest while I went to the beach with my siblings. We walked over to Cenang Beach but before that, we headed to the mini mart to get beer for ourselves. The beer in Langkawi is cheaper than soft drinks. We spent our night by the beach, under a sky of stars while drinking. Bro sat a side while I went for a slow walk with my sister along the beach. Went back to the hotel feeling a little tipsy. =p

I'm gonna update on 3rd day in the next coming post. Tired and sleepy. Today went to Cheras and also went to Teluk Gong, Port Klang for dinner. I will update about my dinner at Teluk Gong too but not so soon.