Isle of the Eagle - Day 3

The 3rd day, our last day at Langkawi :( I don't feel like leaving this place and to go back to reality.

We woke up early and had simple breakfast. Then, we proceeded to check out and headed to the cable car to go up Mount MaChincang. I miss that place since the first visit. I miss the scenery there and can't hardly wait to reach there. It wasn't as pack as the previous round I was there. The queue was less than 10 minutes to get up to the cable car. I think DC, CK and I queued for an hour the last time during peak season. Also because we were early there. The cable car starts operating at 9.30am and we were there already buying the ticket. It cost us RM15 per person. Don't forget to show your MyKad or you will be charge RM30.

The experience this time up at the sky bridge was way different from the previous round. The wind was so strong that I felt the bridge shaking/vibrating. It was scary that this time I don't dare to walk until the middle. My family and I walked out just a few steps, took few pictures and quickly left. CK told her bf that DC was a little afraid the previous time we came and he was saying "what's so scary about it?" I think so too but this time I felt the fear. Maybe because the wind was so tremendous that I felt like I could be blown away by it. Haha... But I still love the scenery up there. My sister and I stayed a little longer to take few more pictures before joining my parents and bro.

The view from the cable car.
The bridge.

Nearing the peak.
At the start of the bridge.
O ya... There's 2 stops for the cable car. The first stop (mid station) basically has nothing much to do there and usually people don't stop there. One is because you can see the whole scenery from the top station and 2nd is that you will have to queue quite long for the cable car to go to the top because usually the tram is already occupied by people from the base station heading right up to the top station.

You can see the "Telaga Tujuh" waterfall from the cable car. I went there last year but not this year because it will be taxing for my parents to climb up to the waterfall area.

The view from the cable car. (This is zoom in)
Last year's pic. Right at the waterfall.
1st level already quite tiring to climb up.
Down at the cable car was the Oriental Village. My parents don't want to spend time here to capture picture as it was so hot and sunny that day so we left.

Managed to capture 2 pics of the surrounding.

While on our way back to Cenang from Pantai Kok (The cable car is located there, about 20-25 minutes drive), we stopped by at the quay to capture picture of the yacht there. My friend was telling me to stop at Petronas station to get pictures of the yacht but actually you can turn into a row of shops at the Perdana Quay. Walk right into the back of the shops and you will reach the quay with the boats. ^^

While on the way to lunch, we stopped at Tanjung Sanctuary Resort. The chalet there cost around RM1,000 per night. Expensive. The hotel is quite unique whereby the valet there will have to drive you in to the receptionist area. Usually all hotel will have their receptionist right at the entrance so that guest can check in immediately but this hotel is rather different. It's very scenic there too.

The receptionist area.
The lounge.
The resort's restaurant.
The ambiance.

You can sit here and have your meal overlooking the sea. So nice.
The bar.
The outside.

Then we headed for a simple lunch at some random cafeteria as daddy doesn't want to go with the plan. Thus, nothing interesting about our lunch today.

After that we went to Awana Porto Malai. The initial place that we were suppose to stay at as Groupon has cheap offer but I don't dare to take the risk as the room availability is based on first come, first serve basis. Since it's CNY period, I chose to play safe.

The entrance.

After this, we headed to shop for our chocolates, bro with his liquor and me with the ciggies.

Remember to compare prices between Zon and
Coco Valley which is just situated next to each other at Pantai Cenang.
Our 收获
Featuring just the chocolates.
The ciggies I bought.
Here's the price of the items I bought.
  1. Jack Daniel 酒心巧克力 @ RM25.90 (from Zon) - Can't find it at Coco Valley.
  2. Nougat @ RM21.90 (from Coco Valley). - Zon is selling it at RM24.90.
  3. Whittaker's Almond Gold @ RM6 per pack of 3 (Zon). RM6.90 from Coco Valley.
  4. Camior Dark Chocolate @ RM2.30 per pack (Coco Valley). RM2.90 @ Zon.
  5. Absolute Vodka @ RM40 (Coco Valley). RM45 @ Zon.
  6. Ciggies price between the two places are the same. Pall Mall @ RM46, Dunhill @ RM62.
1 person is only limit to buy 1 big pack of ciggie and 1 litre of alcohol without being tax at the customs. This is applicable to those who have stayed at Langkawi for at least 48 hours. The quantity will increase depending on the number of days you stay there.

We had a meal at Red Tomato, right opposite Underwater World, before heading to the airport. I love the ambiance there but not the boss. She has an attitude problem and the food is average only. My brother loved his pasta but they all don't like the pizza there. I would have go back to this place even though I think the food is average as I like the ambiance there. BUT now I won't go back to this place because of the unfriendly service unless due to special reason. Ie: Visiting there with friends and they would like to go there.

The entrance.
The interior.
The ambiance there.
I love the piano and deco here.
The food and drinks.
4 items cost us RM80. Expensive.
The menu.
On our way to the airport, we turned in to the Laman Padi which there's nothing much to see. Not recommended to go there.

Here's one important thing that I have missed out at my first post ~ when you get your car, remember to get a copy of Langkawi map from the Agent. I went there with the GPS but the car cable connection is not functioning so lucky I got the map. It's very easy to refer to as it's just one big round around Langkawi. Hehe... The map will also give you some clue on places of interest.

I was guiding the trip.
To those who never trusted my sense of direction, I prove you wrong.
I was guiding the trip as I still remember the road there from my previous trip a year ago. I remember it quite clearly because we were driving all around Langkawi without proper planning last year. From Cenang to Pantai Kok then to Kuah then to Cenang then to Kuah again. We were everywhere. Haha...

I was guiding D that time without really referring to his GPS. The parts that I don't remember, he remembered. We were working just like the usual way CK and I are ~ we complete each others defect. Hehe... The other day only Ray was saying that my words/sentences are always left hanging or damn not clear but always CK understand me without me needing to finish my sentence. Haha...

If you are searching for shops like Starbucks, McD, Kenny Rogers, KFC, etc you can only find them at Kuah town. You can't find any at Pantai Cenang.

Been to the Isle of the Eagle twice but I haven't explore the other half of it yet. I've never been to Tanjung Rhu, Kilim, etc. The north and the east side.

Hopefully my information on Langkawi helps. I had enjoyed both my trips down to Langkawi as it was with different people and a very different type of vacation. The previous year was a getaway while this year was to bring my parents out for a vacation. First step towards what I want to do ~ to bring my parents to travel around the world. Starting small within Malaysia.