Jagung Kuih II

Remember I blogged about making sweet corn kuih before? Wow... It's almost been a year since I said I will update the recipe but I have been very slow. I made it during the Christmas potluck and here's how I made it:

Pic 1: Boil the sugar, water and santan until the sugar melt.
Pic 2: Add in the sweetcorn and boil it.
Pic 3: Custard powder to be added in.
Pic 4: Let it set and you can put it into the fridge once it has cool down.

As spoken in the previous blog, there are very few ingredients needed and as listed below:
1) Custard powder.
2) Sugar.
3) Santan.
4) Pandan.
5) Water.
6) Sweetcorn.

The total portion of liquid is 5 cups. Powder is one. Sugar to adjust yourself.

The picture below is from the previous blog post. I don't have pandan leaf so I didn't include it in.

Pic 1: The ingredients.
Pic 2: Boil the pandan leaf first so that the kuih is more "fragrant".
Remaining pics: Adding in the custard. *From the round I made, I didn't take the picture because once the custard is added in, the kuih will stiffen/harden/take form very fast.* You have to keep stirring once the custard is added in.
Hopefully you will enjoy it :)