Slow slow vs fast fast (Updated)

"The worst part of a nightmare is waking up with a broken heart" (Unknown). I remembered sharing this on Facebook a long time ago. Today, I woke up with this feeling. It's been long since this feeling occur and I felt so unwell about it. I hated such feeling but then I guess it's part of the human process.

Been watching 2 actions movie these 2 nights and very funny is that both of them are 2 very different extreme. One action movie is so slow til I want to fall asleep. The second one is too over exaggerated. Here are my reviews on the movies:

Don't get con by the trailer. The trailer looks very exciting but in actual fact, the movie is so slow til the extend I wanna doze off. They actor and actress tried so hard to show that they are fighting hard especially the main actress. She was trying to show that her punches and kicks are very hard but in fact, I don't find any energy in her punch and kick.

Generally 95% of the movie is flashback. OMG... D found it nice because the movie got a lot of guys beating girl part. Funny la him. I don't like the movie but I see a lot of good review about it.

Updated part: Finally found someone who agreed with me that the movie is awful. Hehe... My boss, KL was talking about it. I just found out that the movie director is someone who doesn't like to use sound effect which is why the fighting scene is not exciting. Reason being is because the fighting scene is very quiet that reduced the oomph of the movie.

Rating: 1.5/7

Viral Factor
From a slow slow action movie to an over exaggerated action thriller. That's funny. 2 different nights, 2 action movies but 2 very different extreme.

1 made me want to sleep. 1 made me think that it's very over. Haha... The fighting and bombing parts are too over. Nicholas and Jay had been hurt badly but they can still run very fast as if their wound were gone overnight. The funniest part is they were chasing around at Putrajaya and suddenly Nicholas and Jay were running around at Hang Tuah. The copper part was so fake as well. But then it's a big production for Malaysia. So much advertising for Malaysia. However, it also promote that our police force is so useless. Haha... Nicholas can easily escape from the high court and simply break into the air force.

Nicholas Tse's action skill is very good. My friends were praising him non stop. I think so too but I dislike his hair style a lot. The movie is a little heart warming. Ray and D2 said that my eyes teared. Hmm...

Rating: 4/7

I just got the Langkawi trip picture. If I have time then I will update it tomorrow. If not then it will either be on Monday or Tuesday as I have plans for these few days. Hopefully I get to allocate some time for blogging. ^^