V Day

I just got home not long. It's a rather unique and different Valentine's Day / Single Awareness Day since I started going out for Valentine's in 2006.

Had a late late dinner today because most places was full/reserved and the dinner tonight wasn't preplanned. Any way, ended up with a friend searching for food from Plaza Kelana, to SS6 and ended up at Sunway Giza and by the time food was served, it's already 10pm. Haha... I'm going to bath and tuck myself into the bed soon. Tired.

Here's 2 songs to end tonight:

Heard them while having my late late late dinner. I used to think that they are sweet love songs but the lyrics sound sad after looking at it. I don't know. I am confused whether they are sweet love song or sad love song. Now, they reminded me of someone. But either one also I like the songs rhythm. Good night.