White Valentine's 2012

Happy White Valentine's Day people.

I learnt something valuable today. Got a very good advisor. Thank you very much. I will give it a very good thought over these few days and weekend.

At least I know I'm up to my expectation. Using 6 different angles to see my performance:
1) Have the Client complain about you? - No.
2) Have the Studio complain about you? - No.
3) Have the Creative complain about you? - No.
4) Have you ever made any mistake when you output your FA? - No.
5) Have the Client complain about your working execution? No.
6) Have you receive any complain on your working style before? No.

Hmm... So now my basic is very good and execution is very firm. What's the next thing that I want to learn/improvise on? And I have identified them:
1) Branding.
2) Marketing.
3) Strat Planning.

Which would I want to go first? Which is more important? I will give them a real thought. Thanks for your thoughtful opinion.

I wanna succeed.
I have omitted a lot out of the conversation but at least the gist is inside the blog. I learn many many more but I'm not going to blog so much as I still got my comp deck to finalize. Till then!