29 Feb 2012

Happy Leap Year people. 29 February only happen once every 4 years and happy birthday to the leapers. My primary school tuition teacher who's a leaper said that she only age one time every 4 years. Happy Birthday Madam Cheng.

I've been reading XiaXue post and wanna add some of my point of view. Now only I know how Adele is, yet I still listen to her song. To me, it doesn't really matter who the singer of the song is. What matters is the song/voice of the singer. I like her saying this "WHAT THE FUCK HAS GOOD MUSIC GOT TO DO WITH LOOKS". Some times, I like a song without even knowing the singer or the title of the song. Unless there's a special reason that made me stop listening to a selected person, I will continue loving the song and not the singer.

I love her song. I once heard in the radio the DJ saying that all
her songs are dedicated to her ex. So emo but I would say all her
ex-s must have drop their spec/regretted since she became so rich.
I am not ashamed to admit that I used to like Justin Bieber's song especially Baby when it was first released until it was so overrated that I get so "jelak" about it. Listening to his song all over the radio stations over and over again made me stop listening to him thereafter. I stopped listening to Justin Timberlake after listening to his song "Cry me a river" repetitively for don't know how many months. My neighbour sent and picked me up from secondary school last time. Every single day without fail he will play this song. Even some times he will blast this song outside of home. Eww... I wanna puke by just thinking about the song.

And I do agree with her that weight shouldn't be such a sensitive issue. I mean looking at the overall outlook of a person, nobody is perfect. I am not pretty, I am very ordinary, I am even shorter than the blogger that everyone is saying very small size, I am a little fleshy, I don't have a lot of people reading my blog yet I am blogging. And everyone has their own insecurity. Me too especially because of my height but since I can't change the fact, I might as well do my best. Yes, every girls love to look good too. Weight will no matter what be an issue for every girl even though I said that it shouldn't be such a sensitive issue earlier. Girls always in such dilemmas. But just do remember that nobody is perfect. Just be yourself and be confident and you will look your best.