Mask with Patience

I'm still in the office right now. Trying to blog using my iPhone while waiting for client to approve FA. I haven't work this late for almost 1 week plus already.

Sleepy. Haven't catch enough sleep last night. The medicine made me drowsy but kept me awake half the night. A little headache now.

It's funny how one can be so patient waiting for feedback and approval from client but not towards your loved one. Odd but that's life. U will always treat others better and more patience rather than closed one because people have to be more well mannered towards other.

People lose their temper easily towards loved one because they care too much. You will notice that you don't mind friends talking about you but you get mad towards your loved one when they say the same thing. Reason being is that you care about how they view you.

Another reason is because you don't mind being yourself with your loved one. Some times in front of others you will have to have a mask on.