Brand New Me & Fragile Connection

Revamping my blog. I've been wanted to change it a long long time ago but was too lazy to do it. Haha...

The previous template was so moody and emo. I changed it end of 2010 when my mood that time was very sad and gloomy. I've long to change it back to the previous sweet looking, bright and happy template. The current one will do for now. I will improvise it if I have more time.

Further more end 2010 and the me now is very different. I am no longer the same. I changed yet it slip in so slowly within this 1.5 year that I rarely noticed it. Even my own thinking and believe have changed over time.

I used to hate smoking but I drew this and love the look & feel of this.
I come to realize something. That human relationship can be so fragile. It can change so easily, over night. Today is sharp 1.5 year since I stopped talking to someone whom I had care for for almost 5 years. It's funny that from caring and wanting to know every single minute, communicating every single day and then one night everything changed. We stopped talking since that night. When we chose to go our separate way, all the caring stop overnight. How fragile human relation can be.

Actually it wasn't so for me. I still want to know what happen and I did check his FB update even after I unsubscribe his update at my FB news feed. But unconsciously (不知不觉) I wasn't caring anymore. This person whom I had loved and taken as a family now seems like a stranger to me. He is no longer someone I know any more. This had been a conversation with CK the other night and also when some other people who asked me how was my ex doing. I can't answer. I don't even know what he is doing or how is he right now. I feel bad as even my friends would go around asking about their ex but I just stop wanting to know over time. I don't care at all. I feel odd now when people ask me about him and I don't know a thing. I think I should ask around to know but I don't want to be so fake. I want to know but not til that desperate extend. I would prefer having a closure with him rather than asking from others.

It's how the world works. Human connection is so fragile. Even close friends can become acquaintances; a hi-bye friend. At first, I agreed with this statement and loved it a lot "分手后不可以做朋友,因为彼此伤害过…也不可以做敌人,因为彼此深爱过…我们都成为了最熟悉的陌生人!" But time changed everything. I think we can still be friend as it doesn't matter any more. After going out with a few people within this 1.5 year but still maintaining close friends with them changed my mind. If my friend said that I haven't truly open up my heart to anyone then I will say it will take more effort for someone to reach to me. 

No matter how fragile relationship is, the only relationship that will last the most is people whom have blood-ties with you. Even if you never contact your relatives, when you have a problem, they will stand united to help you. But 1 very important person in my life to add in is CK. 6 years and our friendship is still standing strong. I wish it will stay the same forever. ♥

Friends forever ♥