Charles & Keith Warehouse Sales

I found out from Charles & Keith FB page that they were having a warehouse sales last Thursday til Sunday. It was located at Wisma GBA, SS13 Subang. Right opposite from where I used to live at. The place was a basement parking lot - stuffy. It was open from 10am til 8pm. But they were allowing people to enter up til 7.45pm.

I went there on Saturday morning. Not much nice shoes left and even if there is, there's not much sizes left. If your shoe size is above 38 then you will find many but not size 35 or 36 (the standard Malaysian girl's shoe size).

A lot of people were there. It took me to queue up around 30 minutes plus to enter. I went there at 10 something in the morning.

The queue outside.
Very crowded inside.
Everyone trying shoes at a side before queuing up to pay.
Though the shoes were off season, they are cheap and reasonable. Some from as low as RM19. They divided the place whereby the price ranged from RM19-RM29, RM39-RM49, RM59-RM79 and 50% discount. Here are some shoes pic:

Black RM49, White RM29.
Heels @ RM54.
The shoes wasn't labelled properly as people was randomly returning it to the wrong tables. Btw, the shoes were put on top of tables and it was hard for me to check them out as everyone was cramping in front to get assistance. Apart from that, the staff tend to ignore me. Very bad service. My sister also said that it took very long before they attended to your request. It was not well organized. It could be manage in a more better way.

What about bags and accessories? Hmm... Like what Ray told me when he went there on the first day (Thursday lunch hour), there wasn't a lot of choices.

Sorry to blog so late after it ended but here's a few tips before going to ANY warehouse sales:
1) Remember to bring umbrella and water. You never know how long you have to queue outside, under the sun before you can enter.

2) Wear thin clothes, short pants, anything comfy cause you will sweat like crazy.

3) Don't bring big bags over. It's going to be a lot of people and they will get in the way plus take care of your belonging. There's too many people and you never know if there will be any pickpocket finding opportunity there. Bring recycle bags to carry the things you wanted to buy. (This warehouse sales provided us with recycle bags).

4) Just take whatever you like and try it at the end. Scan them, check for defect before proceeding to paying.

5) Last but the most important point is to have patience. Without it then I suggest never ever go to a warehouse sales.

And I just found out that this was their first warehouse sales. Hopefully there will be more to come with more varieties of bag and wallet. I would surely be more than glad to go there. And of course, hopefully the upcoming one will be more organized. One very good warehouse sales that Charles & Keith can refer to is the Big Bad Wolf sales. I know you are going to say that it's a different product all together but at least you should take it as an example. The venue is big enough and air-cond (not stuffy) to accommodate the crowd, and most important is that it is well organized and has friendlier staff.

I would never spend so much on shoes else my sister would have lecture me. I have always eye Charles & Keith shoes and I got my first pair from the warehouse sales. My sister said that it really wasn't my style. Hard to say though. Haha... But it wasn't my first few choices. Those that I like don't have my size any more. But this was okay too.
My first pair of C&K. RM39. ♥