Proton Power of One

What am I doing blogging about cars? I consider myself working for the automotive industry as well so don't look down at a girl who blogs about car. Although I definitely agree that my knowledge about car is very limited. I only know just the tips of the iceberg. Any way, just a sudden urge to blog about car and maybe there will be more to come next time.

I went for a "field trip" today to Proton Power of One event at Bukit Jalil.

For your information, all picture in this blog is of low resolution as I have NX Powerlite (compressed) them. Sorry. But if you want a clearer picture, you can refer to Paul Tan's blog.

I won the SMS contest but did not go
and claim my gift as I have left the event. :-(
Pondering what I won as I have never been
so lucky with all this SMS contest.
 Taking pictures of all the Motorsports car :)

Being up close to Lotus F1 car. ^^
The champion car in a lot of world rally.
R3 Concept
This car is fugly.

The girl looks like someone I know but can't be sure so
I didn't went and talk to her.
What about P3-21A? Of course I wouldn't leave that out. It's the main hero in the event. Now I am wondering when they are launching it. One salesman told me it will be end March while another told my colleague that it will be launch early April. What do you think?

Love the styling for this concept car - Tuah.
The rear of the car. (KLIMS 2010)
Spyshot of the P3-21A which is the base model for the Tuah.
There's a sneak peak at the hall same as the 1st 4G Car in Malaysia at Bukit Bintang the other time. I think they used back the same box. Haha... I didn't upload the picture into my thumb drive so no picture for this part but you can see it in Paul Tan yet again. Haha... So sorry. Maybe I'll update this post again tomorrow.

Many of my friends have stated their concern that will there be a lot of  problem with the car as there's so many features that come together with the car.

Did my own list of specs from the salesperson flyer.
Yes, it looks very nice but there's always the question/doubt on the inferior quality perception that Proton cars carry. We know that Proton has rectify their power window issue by giving a so called "lifetime warranty" but still the confidence towards our national car is not there yet.

Read this on FB today "新款 P3-21A有欧洲车的水准?傻啦proton..你有日本车的水准马来西亚人都会很开心了很Support了。"
*I can't read Chinese but roughly am able to get the meaning. A rough translation on the message I get was that the new Proton does not have international standard (Europe). Silly Proton. If you have Japan quality standard, Malaysian will be more than happy to support [our national car].

But apparently I think he is wrong as I heard that the P3-21A passed the international standard test and is qualify to be exported. Way to go for improvement.

The tentative pricing provided from the salesperson.
They said that the actual price will only be inform once the car is launched.
For now, it is open for booking with a minimum deposit of RM500.
The price is quite reasonable and comparing to a Vios of an almost similar pricing, you can get a lot more bells and whistles. Will you go and get one?