PS I Love You & The Wedding Diary

I haven't switch on my own PC for few days after getting my iPhone. Hehe... But it's also because when I got home it was late and I was worn out. But I can't blog with an iPhone. It's very hard to. Tired plus Friday night only find out that I got a serious viral allergic infection. Saturday food allergic and my allergic reaction to the antihistamine medicine given plus some viral infection going around made everything very bad.

Getting better?
At Sunway Hospital outpatient @ 11pm.
Blood test.
My rashes became bad and my joints was aching. That got my parents so worry that they requested me to go to the hospital for a checkup right immediately. Lucky it wasn't dengue. The doctor said that it was a strong viral allergic infection that disrupted my body system as well. I was put under a very strong steroid medication. 2 times a day, 6 pills once. Just finish the last medicine and I think it will still come back. Lol. Finger-crossed that it don't attack me tonight else it would mean that I am not recovering >.<

PS I Love You? I have blog about it? Yes. I blogged about the book before. And now, it's the movie. Maybe because I have read the book that I don't find the movie to be as heartwarming as it should be. It can't bring out the emotion within me. I was teary at first because of the emotion I got from reading the book especially when she received the letters. The story in the movie changed a lot compared to the book. I will say that the book is way better than the movie.

Maybe if I watch the movie first then it will be different but then too late. I read the book first. Pizza delivery and movie with CK. She found it nice and very touching though. DH also said that the movie is quite nice and I think the reason being is that they haven't read the book. I would say that you should watch the movie first and then read the book.

We had a very nice girl talk the night before. And a lot of heart to heart talk. Love it. We should do it more often. ^^

Then I went and watch The Wedding Diary last night. Ended up crying. I heard a lot of people sobbing too. Haha... At first I thought I wouldn't cry. Mana tau I was shedding tears without noticing.

Rating: 4/7

Love is never easy. And it's hard to find true love that will last so long. Solvil et Titus did a very good advertising there. Purposely watch the movie as I heard people said that it's good advertising. Chose it over This Means War. *Such a workaholic.*

Any way I'm planning to go movie marathon.