Marrying Mr Perfect

Went and watched Marrying Mr Perfect (嫁個一百分男人) with my bff. The show is pretty much predictable but still funny at certain point. It still pointed out to the same thing, money can't buy love and it's never easy to love again after being hurt. Extra effort has to be put in.

Rating: 3/7

To add on from This Means War, "Don't choose the better man, choose the man who makes you a better woman." I like it a lot.

I will advise you this, don't go desperately searching for Mr/Miss Perfect. It's like the law of nature. When you seek for something desperately, you will never find it but when you stop searching, it will appear right in front of you. Just let nature take its course. D should learn to see this. Not just listening about it but to truly understand the meaning.