Reviewing Love

爱 (Love)
DH passed me this movie for almost 2 weeks but I haven't watch it. Spent my Saturday watching this movie. It's 3 different love stories within one by Doze Niu.

Rating: 4/7

Quite a twist in the love story even though some of you may have know that the individuals will end up together but it does touch me and got me thinking the whole day.

Something that captured my attention the most while watching 爱 (Love) is this dialog between Mark and Xiao Ye's son:
Part 1: "...要是习惯有人陪, 你就担心有一天可能会失去那个人。 如果不去拥有就不用想念。 想念是很痛苦。"
Translation: If you get use of having a companion, you will worry that one day you might lose this person. If you don't have it then you will never have to miss it. Missing someone is very painful.
Part 2: "永远不要去想念你不曾拥有过的。。。 可我已经见过你了,我没办法不想你。"
Translation: Forever don't go and miss someone that never was yours.... But I've met you and I cannot stop missing you.

I love this dialog a lot. It got my eyes wet. Missing someone is very painful. Have you ever miss someone that when you dream of that person that it was so vividly true and you ended up mistaking it for the reality? Of course the dialog ain't about girl-boy relationship but it's about father and son relationship. To me, it's simply work for any kind of relationship. As long as it's someone that you missed/loved deeply.

The movie made me ponder a lot of questions but I think the following would be the best to be highlighted here:  
1) Will you let go off someone that you loved so that they can find their own happiness?
2) Will you be able to accept betrayal and forgive your loved one?
3) Will you be able to love again after being hurt badly?

And making the decision is always the most difficult. Would you let go off your loved one so that he/she can be with the one that they loved/get the freedom that they want or would you make them stay and try your best? Will he/she be happy with you if so? You will forever never know whether your answer is the best one or the wrong one but never regret with your decision.

Love is very complicated. There will always be sweet and also bitter moment. You can never choose one between the two. They come in a package but it depends on which is more. I used to be very naive here's a requote of what I said a year back:

my friend [asked] if you know that from the beginning the relationship is like drinking poison, why continue? I told him this "I've already consumed a whole bottle of poison and it doesn't matter because I love that person. I know it's dumb but I am someone who follows what my heart tells me to". Love is an emotion that no one will understand. If you love just love with all your heart no matter what is the consequences as long as the both of you feel the same. Life's short, dare to love. Even if it fails in the end, at least the both of you wouldn't regret that you've once given up so easily on someone you loved and whom loves you back.

If my answer last time about love is so naive, I can say it has definitely changed/evolved now. Though I still agree that life's short, dare to love, I will add on to say that love but don't be too extreme. Be careful and be rational. The only love that you can never avoid is 亲情 (family love). Else if you are afraid of getting hurt then don't love.

The movie covers these 3 types of love: 爱情 (love), 友情 (friendship),亲情 (family affection). All containing the word 情 (Qing) which is my given name. This word itself can mean love. It also meant a form of feeling/emotion/affection. The reason I was given this name is because my mum wants me to be a person full of love/affection. Never hatred. When she told me the meaning of my name, she also told me this: 宁可他人负我也不可我负他人. Although she told me this at my saddest moment, I will hold on to it. Thanks mummy. I have always love my name even before I found out the meaning behind it. And I love it even more after finding it out. ♥

It's no wonder I always feel deep affection towards the one that I care for. 亲情 - I will forever love my family no matter what. 友情 - I appreciate each and everyone of them. But I think the only one that I open up to is CK. Not even my parents, my ex, my other bff. This is one friendship that I will cherish forever. And this is the only girl friend that I am so close with. I don't know why I can't be close with other girls. I can always get close with other guys easily. My other bff are all guys - KL, D, Shye, R. Weird right? Is it because of my childhood? I used to be a tomboy. Playing with my brother and my neighbour. And also because guys only listen and will never gossip like a girl. Sorry I don't mean to stereotype. I am a girl myself but I know the seriousness of certain thing that shouldn't be reveal to a 3rd person. But knowing a girl's nature, they will still tell out to their bestie or their partner.

爱情? The right one still hasn't appear and like my previous post, let it come itself. I shall not seek. 顺其自然. I know I have many close guy friends that some times people misunderstand. Of course there's a line/boundary but I will not avoid them if others talk because I stand for who I am and if I avoid, that means there's really something there. If you know me well, you can read me easily. And the person I am close with can definitely tell out if I treated them like bff only and nothing more or if I like them. Simple to be read like Bella (I am a fan of Twilight - the book).