This Means War + A Simple Life

I went out with a new friend for movie yesterday. It was the second time I met this person. Weird though as I rarely do such thing. Going out with new friend without knowing them well first.

Any way, went out for "This Means War" with this friend. Damn pai se as I was a little late (5 minutes) but the strange thing is the movie has actually started a little when we enter the cinema hall. Sorry. So sorry.

A romance cum comedy cum thriller, 3-in-1 movie. It's hilarious and funny. Good for a nice laugh and if anyone wants to bring a girl out then it's a good selection for a dating movie. And I learnt a new abbreviation: FTFO which means Freaking The Fuck Out.

Rating: 4/7

Slept at 4am last night just to clean my wardrobe from bookworm infection. Hahaha... It's my sister when she was studying in college. The wardrobe has hole and my sister covered it with paper which is why there's bookworm in it. My mum asked me to change the wardrobe as I told her that I think it is falling apart but as long as it still can be use, I will just continue using it cause I like the wardrobe. Just nice.

Any way, I woke up at 7.30am to go for a jog. Ended up just fast walking for an hour plus. Tak cukup. Haha... I haven't work out for a long time and thinks I need more. Then I took a power nap. Erm... actually should be sleep - I slept for 2 hours while awaiting my manager to come to my house to compile and update the competitive deck with her portion.

Then I went out for this movie: A Simple Life. If you don't like award winning movie such as "In the Mood for Love" then it will not be suitable for you. It's a very slow movie so you might fall asleep. I think what you will see in this movie is the cinematography and the relationship between Tao Jie and Roger (Andy Lau). But Andy Lau's character in the movie lack emotion. I felt that he is those who doesn't know how to express himself. There's one particular scene which my friends and I think that he should shed some tear so that audience could feel more but don't have. Mr Penguin said that the movie portrayed Roger as too perfect (very tough and doesn't show emotion). My friends told me that according to the review, people watch til they cry. KY and I prepared tissue but it did not come in useful cause both did not shed a tear.

Rating: 2/7

I think the movie is not my type - artistic plus I didn't feel that it brings me deep into the relationship between Tao Jie and Roger. I can't relate to the story but Mr Penguin said that he can relate to it. It reminded him of his grandmother. I am so sorry. Actually I wanted to ask deeper but I don't want to be probing so much. I scare that it might make him feel sad. Plus I scare I will be too over concern and freak people away. Always a sensitive Cancerian I am.

But both of us agree with one very common phrase: "we don't know what we've got until we lose it" or in this movie is ... until we almost lose it. I would like to add on that we don't know how to cherish what is in front of our eyes. Appreciate your loved one. Not just close one but if you have someone you loved, do let them know before it's too late. Don't regret.

Good night ♥