Haven't been blogging so long that I felt like writing a 2nd post right now. Hehe...

I wonder why life is so complicated when we are adult. How I wish I can just turn back the clock and go back to when I'm young. When we are young, we can speak as frankly as we like. If we like someone, we said. If we dislike someone we will just say "I don't like you. I don't friend you". But moments later, we became friend yet again because young kids never hold grudges.

But as an adult, people could be treating you so good but behind you they could be stabbing you. When I come out to the society, I never believe that you can find true friends from people you are working with. But working a year plus now, the office is like my 2nd home. Thanks everyone. Though some times I think I've been too transparent. Hmm...

Totally agree that nobody will know what is going on in your mind.

Coming out to the society, meeting different people, you learn to see things differently too. Life can be simple but not all the time. Reason being is that you will forever never know what others is thinking. That's where life as a adult is complicated. It's different compared to when we are young.

Some times, certain action, certain speech can be interpreted differently too. I.e: a kiss can mean the world to a person but it could simply mean nothing to the other. And even some times yourself also doesn't know what you want. Funny right. You could be wanting something but after trying only you know that you were deceiving yourself all this time. Ended up, it's not something that you want. But at least trying means no regret.

Don't make life so complicated. Dare to take the risk. I like the quote from the above picture "You already have the NO, take the risk of getting the YES." If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO. ^^

A quote from my horoscope for this week "Sometimes starting over can bring amazing new opportunities." I kinda like it. Meaningful. But I believe not to turn back the clock and rewind anything because everything that happened make you who you are today.