Four Feet Something

Haven't really go online recently apart from my frequent FB updating. Have been very slow in updating my blog as well until these few nights. Busy and I will have to work this weekend. Monday's gonna be a very important day for the whole team. #Gambate.

Finally got the chance to scroll through the internet. My siblings were teasing me for reading Audrey's blog - *fourfeetnine* saying that I love reading the blog because I can relate to her in terms of height. Yes I think so too BUT she's taller than I am le... Plus her blog is quite a good read. Real and down to earth.

I think I relate more after reading her post about being short. I think the share experience is not many would understand. Always first in line during primary (add also secondary) school but something different is that I was insecure when I was younger in age. And never thought of anyone would like (love) me but guess I was wrong when I found out later in life. I am still learning to overcome my insecurity about my height and kinda agree with Audrey that "I can't help being short. But there's no reason why it should bother me unless I let it".

Feels like I am Agnes. Small compared to everyone around me.

I love her reasoning why short girls shouldn't feel insecure. Totally agree with her points especially the one where she said "everyone (male and female alike) feels protective over small girls. I think I can add on more points whereby being small/petite in size, people will tend to help/teach/guide you more compared to others and they are more forgiving towards you. And you tend to get away from things easily. Coming out to work, the most memorable was what the head of visualiser said to me ~ "I usually scold people a lot but I can't bring myself to scold you. So many jobs with such short deadlines. Lucky is you or else I would have been shouting at them." Thank you for not doing so and thanks for allocating your teammates to rush off the jobs for me" ^^. Also to the Studio Manager and Anne姐 for guiding me with lots of patience especially when I was still new in the industry, drowning with all the car launch deliverables while my AM was not around. They really guided me though there's a lot of nagging in between. Hehe...

I think what's more I can relate to her is at work whereby people tend not to take me seriously because of my outlook. I look like a young girl without any experience and knows nothing at all. Being short and looking younger than I am, just tell me one thing - that you have to work harder to proof yourself. Like Audrey, I wear heels and more formally while I meet client. The rest of the day would be "smart" casual.

But I guess it ain't just that. It's also the trust you created with the people you are working with. I love how the team I am working with trusted me. Like how my AD would take my opinion seriously, my FA artist who would only output the material if I say I am okay with it, the bond with my 2 of my clients who would take my advice seriously. I guess being short ain't a barrier after all. It just take time to change people's perception but I think I'm still not vocal enough. I need to be like Audrey - to speak louder in meetings.

One thing about being short is that there's many clothes you can't wear BUT at the same time, I can buy certain clothes from the kids department (when I was thinner. Now that I've gained a few kgs, I can't fit in and make the clothes baby tee anymore) T.T

Buying clothes will always be a concern and remembering Audrey's post on her wedding prep of finding the right dress, it reminded me that I used to think about it as well. I don't think I will look nice in a wedding dress because of my height or I would not be able to find a dress for a person of my height. I had even scrap the idea of being able to fit in a gown and would prefer a honeymoon wedding instead. This is definitely proven when Audrey said that wedding dress rental does not allow you to shorten the length. *Sad* However, Audrey is so lucky to get someone to design the dress for her. OMG! That's so sweet.

Actually, I have thought about what short girls can actually get for their wedding dress. They can get short dress like what the main actress wore in the Korean drama ~ Full House.

Short dress but I don't really like this design.
Just thought about the concept.
Any way, I better stop thinking about it. Not to think of something that might or might not happen. It was already silly of me to have thought about it back then. So, I better stop myself from being silly again.

Time to dream right? Good night.