The Hunger Game

I am sorry that I haven't been blogging for the previous week. I am back. Tired.

It's funny how I always complain hungry to DH and we went and watch The Hunger Game together. Am always hungry hungry hungry. Any way, found this picture in 9Gag which I think very relevant.

The house is always out of food. Sigh.

Back to the movie:

I wonder why there's so many good review for this movie. I found the movie to be so predictable. DH said I was so accurate in guessing what's happening next. There's many flaws with the whole concept of the "Hunger Games". My cousin brother even said that the movie has "poor construct of ideas". Is it really good that Rotten Tomatoes has so much good review on it and even Timothy Tiah is calling it his favourite 2012 movie so far. I think that it's still an average movie but it left a lot of thoughts in pondering the whole concept.

Rating: 4/7

Can't hardly wait for all the big movies to come out - Avengers, Dark Knights Rises, MIB3, The Amazing Spiderman - to name some.