Maybelline Mascaras

Happy April Fool's Day people.

I think I'll blog for a while before starting work. A 2 weeks assignment but I'm going to use today to do. Have to present on Wednesday. OMG.

I got so much to blog about but just not the right time. Maybe I'll just blog about Maybelline's mascara as I saw Maybelline event yesterday at Mid Valley. The products are selling at a much cheaper price. Today's the last day if you want to go.

Also if you buy above RM50 of Maybelline cosmetic, you can get a makeover + photo shoot for free. They will give you an A4 size picture of the shoot in return.

It's at Lower Ground Floor, Center Court.
The makeover place. It's wide open for public to see.
The photography taking  a pic.
Any way, I didn't buy anything as I was there for the career fair instead. Plus DH was waiting for me. So, I took a few pictures and headed off to look for him.

I am not a person who use make up all the time. It's very obvious. From my Facebook profile pictures, I can say 9/10 is without any cosmetics on. Even my current profile picture, it was taken before I head to bed. No cosmetics, just naturally me :)

But I am also working for the cosmetic industry (not just automotive) as a secondary, I've known the landscape and able to tell you that Maybelline's mascaras are the best. An acquaintance of mine who's a make-up artist, who used the higher line brands such as Mac, Bobbi Brown, etc also recommended me to get a Maybelline mascara which is value for money.

I've been using the Maybelline Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara when I started learning how to put on cosmetic. The mascara is very user friendly whereby the comb made it easier to be used.

My lashes before applying mascara.
My cousin said that it's good without any liner, mascara or curling unless
I wanted a more dramatic effect or attending any occasions.
The eye on the left without mascara, the one on the right with mascara.
The right one looks bigger.
The lash with mascara looks longer.
I'm going to change mascara soon as I just found out that the lifespan of the mascara is 4 months. Which mascara should I get?