What's your worst nightmare?

Just realized that my blogging habit has become less frequent. I need to buck up.

Just finished reading "The Associate" by John Grisham. I find the storyline to be slow and don't quite like how it ended. It built-up to a quite nice story but the conclusion made the story seems a little lame.

Any way, that's not my blog about. I just started reading this book which I don't remember the title but I know it's by LJ Smith. It's about a game whereby the main character "Jenny" who got a mysterious game and by playing the game, she and her friends were pulled into a different world/realm. In order to win the game and return to the real world, they have to face their worst nightmare and win it at a given time period or else, they will be stuck in that realm forever.

The nightmare inside ain't scary but I got kinda hook to the book now maybe because of the storyline which is quite mysterious and I really wanna find out how did the "Shadow Man" spotted Jenny and how is she going to win "The Game".

Any way, I've just started reading up to Chapter 10 and it got me pondering, what's my worst nightmare. I think I faced it back in 2010 when it came true. And I guess my worst nightmare now would be my biggest fear. But it's hard to say though cause I am kinda afraid of many things. I am afraid of hanging bridge which I have managed to cross at Bukit Gasing. I am afraid of climbing ladder which I had overcome. I am trying to face my fears and I think this book kinda remind me about it. At the same time, it made me like myself even better to find that I've changed for the better especially by being more independent. Doing things that I am afraid to do last time.

Climbed the ladder to clean the ceiling fan.
Overcome 1 of my fears. I am still afraid of climbing ladder
but it's a lot better than last time where
I don't dare to get down of a double decker bed. :)
I still have many more fears to overcome. What about you? What's your worst nightmare?