Labour Day

I never understood Labour Day and take it yet as another holiday. But after started working, I finally am thankful that there's a day of break in between for appreciation of our hard work. After started working, any public holiday would be seen as a nice thing especially when we no longer get November and December off or there's no longer few weeks of semester break. The 14/15 days of leave seems so sacred. Hehe... I would prefer it falling on a Wednesday as it makes the week seems shorter. If every Wednesday is a holiday, I think it will be an ideal world without people dreading the week to passby. Hmm... But being in my line, there's always possibility to work through the public holiday and maybe the weekends but I believe we are different. We can do it.

Any way, sorry for not posting recently. Haven't been able to grab hold of my pc lately. I'm actually writing this post using my iPhone. My brother been using my PC lately. Blame him. Hehe... Will update again soon.