The only thing that doesn't change is change itself

Sorry. I haven't been blogging for a long time. Quite busy recently. Went home at 6ish, took Panadol and slept for a few hours. Woke up to continue my work. Been given a personal project aside from work by the COO. Didn't expect such small idea from the fortnightly "Presentation and Selling Skill" could sparkle such "big" project. Now Big Daddy said that he wants the proposal and everything to be done within 2 weeks. So awesome.

It's a transition period right now. I have to bid farewell to the client that I've worked with since day 1 of job. This change is unavoidable since they are changing Agency after more than a decade with our Agency. I will definitely miss the good relationship that I managed to create with the client. The trust gained wasn't easy as I was still a freshie back then. Thanks for your trust as I can feel that it grows stronger every single day.

Sort of a career transition since its a change of client

I wonder if my future client will send me smiley, Whatsapp me or call me dear/darling. Although we maintain servicing-client relationship, our conversation is so friend like. There may be hard times but we managed to pull through even with some who is difficult at times. But all is understood due to madness of the jobs and I believe that my client are awesome people as they will apologize after all the "BS" is over. "No hard feelings" I remember one of them SMS-ed me and true enough, I will miss you all.

This parting is already foreseen since end of last year. But it may be a good thing for a change. Doing a handover now (for jobs since 2005 - quite difficult to track back since previous team don't archive their job properly) so, I haven't started doing anything with my new client which I was looped in quite some time ago. It's a foreseen circumstances and I have already guessed Big Daddy's decision to put me under this particular client.

While doing handover, I was at the same time doing the personal project. Feels cool that it is directly under Big Daddy's guidance.Yeah. Not many opportunities like this.

I love this saying for quite a long time and think it is quite relevant to be shared here: The only thing that doesn't change is change itself (Heracitus) 唯一永远不改变是不停的改变

I've been longing for a change and planning to make a change. Looking forward to this change and also am giving myself a deadline to "change" as well. If not then I will procrastinate. Not a healthy thing. End June will be the ultimate deadline to see a major change. Wondering if the personal project will be a success. If yes it's gonna be a very major thing. I love how my COO said that it might make you famous but I think the credit should be his, not mine. I told myself this "if change is the only constant in life then I'm gonna make a change in my life". I don't wanna stay halted at my current situation.

Been addicted to 2 songs recently. One is Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound.

Second is Ding Dang's 亲人 (Qin Ren which means relative/family).

Been watching the drama of the above song - Autumn's Concerto (下一站,幸福). Been crying these few days while watching the show. Erm... Sometimes just getting teary eyes only *Sob* Not as bad as the time when I watched Stairways to Heaven. I think maybe because the relationship went too deep a little too fast that caused me to have lesser connection and tears. Hehehe... Even so, I am addicted to the show already. Already going into the 4th DVD since I started on Sunday night. OMG.

Keep you all posted on MIB3 review next round and I forgotten to write on my review of "We Not Naughty". Getting old and forgetful. Some more deteriorating in my multitasking capability cause haven't have a lot of job for quite sometime. WTF. Last time I can do assignment, do research, Facebook, MSN and watch drama, all at one go while downloading songs. Plus snacking. Hehe... Now I will start to lose focus while I do too much thing at one time. Need to buck up and polish my multitasking skill. But no snacking. I have gained tremendous weight since I started working. Now already hit above 5kg in access weight. OMG... Please smack me if I continue eating like this. Need to get back in shape and become healthier in my lifestyle.

Penning off now. Better sleep since I am not feeling well plus meeting my client one last time tomorrow T.T