Avengers Review

Finally got the time to properly sit down and blog. Someone FFK me and sponsored me to watch The Avengers. Hehe...

Actually I was planning to go and buy the ticket on my own but didn't think that my friend will take my word so seriously and bought me the movie ticket. I was just kidding with my friend to treat me movie cause he stood up on me (informally meant fail to keep a date with).

I received this on Line and was surprised.
Didn't expect my friend to take it so seriously.

It's funny how people look at me when I went and collect the movie ticket and bought the popcorn. Just one? They asked and gave a weird look. Is it wrong watching movie alone? I ponder but I had received that gaze a few times so nah... I just smile and walk away.

Collected my ticket. Thanks ^^
Watched the movie on my own.

The Avengers is awesome. Nice and funny. Although there's so many main character in the movie, the emphasize is well-balanced and how they intermingle each other is so interesting. I love Iron Man and I love all the jokes revolve around The Hulk and one of it is the picture below:

And also the part with Thor. Captain America is awesome too. Lovely body and I find it funny how Iron Man called him "Old Man" when he looks way older than Captain America is. Okay... I am not going to be a movie spoiler so I will stop here. The action is nice and the animation is not fake at all.

And if you watch properly, there's a lot of symbol in the movie. I.e. one of it is the "Stark" building after the war. The only alphabet left was "A" which symbolizes "Avengers". There's a few others but you will have to pay attention to it on your own. There's one thing that you will always see in the mainstream media is that female is always seen as a weaker sex. You can see this through Black Widow when Captain America protected her. Why can't she find a shade when Hawkeye can? Hmmmm..... Anyway it's a very good movie.

Rating: 6/7

There's even cute merchandises and pictures create for Avengers shared on the internet. Cute dao...

So cute. So cute.

I want this. I want!!!