Big or small

Saw this shared on Facebook recently and I find it quite relevant:

"A push-up bra is like a bag of chips; you open the bag and it's half empty".
I don't mean to stereotype girls with small boobs nor big boobs but does it even matter?

Girls with small boobs and wear push-up bra are being said as airplane runway (flat), not a girl and they are being tease many other things.

But the same thing goes to girls with big boobs. They are being said as booby, big boobs has no brain, etc.

And there's even a comic depicting girls with small to big boobs and it is still making fun of us:

So why do you even care about what others say about your boobs? Big or small, people will still be teasing us. No point pleasing everyone. I think what matter is you being comfortable about yourself. What makes a girl beautiful is her confidence, not her boob size. If a guy judges you from your appearance, he is just very shallow. Just be yourself - Beauty is not about looks, makeups or clothes. True beauty comes from being yourself, the more you show who you really are the prettier you will be.