The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Watched this movie way back... I think a month ago.

Got the uncut version from Mr Penguin. It was an adaptation from the book and the remake from the 2009 movie. The movie I watched was played by Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara but the old trailer seems more interesting and exciting:

Any way, don't be fool by the movie's name. Both me and Mr Penguin thinks that the girl with the dragon tattoo (Lisbeth) felt like a supporting character. Instead we think that the girl that they were searching for ~ Harriet Vanger was the main focus of the whole movie. Even Mikael (Daniel Craig) seems more like the main character compared to Lisbeth.

The movie is a bit disturbing and luckily Mr Penguin alerted me before I start watching. What he found distracting was the picture of the victims but I found also the sexual harassment scene is distracting as well. I don't want to disclose so much but before I end, I want to add that the movie storyline is a bit slow.

Rating: 3/7

I bought the book. Am gonna read it after I finish my current book. I want to know what's the difference between the book and movie especially the book got so much good review that they made it into a movie and often time the book is always better than the movie. I want to find out if they have tweaked the original movie or not.

Hopefully the book don't disappoint me. Hehe...