Mother's Day Special

Last year's Mother's Day I was not around as I was at Shine Training. This year, only my youngest sister was at home. So, I decided to give my mum a surprise. Hehe...

Took the public transport back home alone. Before that, I made a detour to KLCC to buy cupcakes for mummy. Though Bisou is so famous, I find it to be very ordinary. Mummy can bake better cupcake then that.

The shop at KLCC level 3

1/2 Cupcakes to share at home

Clockwise from left: Eye Candy, Cappucino, Cookies,
Dark Secret, Red Velvet, Walnut & Rose

*That person didn't put my cupcake nicely.
So I decide to shoot just this 4. Hehe...
Rating: 3/7

Bad bad day on the Saturday when I go back as I went to the wrong bus depot to go back to my hometown. Didn't expect they shifted station yet again. Not only that, the guy sitting next to me was so scary. An Indian uncle *not to be racist here*,   40-50ish, a little messy and he kept asking me weird questions (how old are you? are you married? how many siblings do you have? are they all married? which hometown are you going to? where are you headed now?) OMG... And he was peeping me while I was Line-ing with DH. And he kept looking at our conversation. Freak the hell out of me.

Reached home 4 hours later. Tired and exhausted but I walked to the nearby florist to get my mum carnations.

A pink carnation represents mother's love.

Got mummy 2 carnations. 1 dark pink ♥

Didn't expect it only cost me RM2 per flower and it's during Mother's Day. The florist down at my office sold African Daisy as RM6 per flower.

This bouquet of half a dozen African Daisy cost me RM50.

I love carnation more. It represents women's love.

As daddy has dinner with ex colleagues on Saturday, we have to go with having lunch on Sunday which left me not much of a choice of restaurants. So, we decided to go to Kim's Seafood Palace Port Dickson. Decided to go there since me and mummy have not go there before since it's opened. Not a very good selection. Food is average only and we weren't sitting next to the sea.

Chili more than chicken meat.

We ordered dry butter prawn but they took the wrong order
and gave us "wet" butter prawn =.=!!!

Only nice food is this: Salted egg squid.

The portion quite big and it cost us around RM91 (RM23 per person) for the whole meal including 3 bowls of rice, 1 plate of vegetable and 1 pot of Chinese Tea (Kuk Po). It's a bit pricey as I went for seafood at Klang on Friday night and it only cost us around RM25 per person (this is inclusive of 2 plates of crabs).

Luckily we didn't order fish or crab cause we are afraid we will "kena tetak" nicely even though we are local there. We kena before at Chardin Sea View Seafood Village Restaurant before. A fish costs us RM100 plus plus. And since the boss of Kim's Seafood Palace used to be the ex boss of Sea View, we don't think there will be any difference. Wanna avoid the possibility of becoming "water fish" later.

Rating: 3/7

Any way, wanna add in that you shouldn't just treat your mum good during Mother's Day and I believe in this but just wanted to treat her a little more special on this day since my elder siblings all can't go home.

Since it's Mother's Day, there's many quotes floating online and here's one that I find quite nice:
"It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself. ♥"

There's many nicer one but just I posted this on Facebook.