I went to the newly open so-called "neighbourhood" mall - Paradigm on its opening 23 May. The traffic is a lot even up til now and I pity Tropicana City Mall.

The Curve when it started did not have as much traffic but Paradigm... it was wowwww factor.

I lost count how many times I've been there.  Been going there like every weekend, like twice/thrice a day and some times during the weekdays. Went to Plan B last Saturday with KK. Spent our night there chatting till they almost closed shop around 10.30pm. Felt very bad but at least there's still 2 tables of customers who are still having their food.

The two of us ordered Carbonara and Wild Mushroom Pasta and shared. We ended up so full that our initial plan of having dessert has to be put on hold.

Wild mushroom - so so only (average only).

Carbonara - quite okay.

KK's Iced Peach Tea - the glucose comes separately.

Lychee Lime Granitas - a mixture of lychee, lime and mint. After ordering only realized many people ordered this drink too. It's refreshing but a little too chilling for me with the mint content.

Total damage:
- RM20 for each plate of pasta.
- RM9 each for our drinks.

Rating: 3.5/7

Talking about Paradigm, it still need to buck up on its cleanliness. Still have all the construction smell and dust.

The flooring not very nice.
Maybe because they rushed work day and night.
And it is still rushing work for the office building there...

It has loads of shops that I like and I am gonna be extra broke. Help me!!! Starbucks, Pasta Zanmai, Sushi Zanmai, Zara, GSC, Nichii, Kitschen, TeeToo, Popular, Chatime, Snow Flakes, Charles and Keith, Padini, Brands Outlet, Cotton On, The Body Shop, Sephora....... Shopaholic I am and bankrupt-er wannabe.

My Fav ♥
My nose been sneezing badly while I am at Paradigm. Still not clean enough. I have allergic towards dust and dirty/polluted air and food with loads of preservatives and colouring. Jess said that I can be her guinea pig to try out all the food whether they are okay or has too much ajinomoto. If I turn into a monster, that means the food is not healthy. Haha...

Any way, I am tired to the max. Just finished my work and decided to blog for a while. Wanna go sleep cause have to head over to client's office first thing tomorrow. Update more on food soon.