Dark Shadows

Not working today. Went to the doctor opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station then decided to go for a movie since I don't feel like being home.

Since I am at the LRT station, I decided to head over KLCC to watch the "Dark Shadows". Wanted to watch since JM said it was pretty good. Let's say I disagree. I don't think the movie is very nice. The movie is quite slow that it gets very boring. Even the people sitting next to me left the movie after a while.

Can't deny that the movie is funny and hilarious but not a very nice storyline though. Kinda disappointed with the storyline as it was not as what I expected.

Rating: 2/7

I always add on some of my thoughts while reviewing the movies I watch and from this movie I do agree that love cannot be forced. If a person really loves you, he/she will always have you in heart, will always find excuse to contact you. If a person doesn't really love you, no matter how much you pray that he/she will take note of you, that person will never give a damn. 在乎你的人自然而然会无时无刻想念你, 会想借口联络你。 不在乎你的人不会理你。

An additional thought - being alone doesn't mean being lonely. Being in a relationship doesn't mean being happy.