Father's Day used to be on Saturday

I remembered Father's Day used to be on the 3rd Saturday of June. Mother's Day is Sunday. But don't know when onwards, Father's Day suddenly falls on Sunday.

And I can proof it that it's on a Saturday. You can refer the picture below. Or you can go to Google's Doodle to check yourself.

I think it is changed to a Sunday so that it is easier to remember Mother's Day and Father's Day and not to be confused between both. I prefer it to be on a Saturday as it makes both day more special.

Happy Father's Day daddy. I felt so bad going out on a trip tomorrow without you. Not on a purpose as DH booked the air ticket without realizing that it's the weekend of Father's Day. Will make it back for my dad. Hope he wouldn't be upset.

Wishing all father in the world Happy Father's Day.