Simple life can be happy too

Charles & Keith Euro 2012
I really believe that happy go lucky. Call me Miss Cheerful, Miss Sunshine if you want. Everyone that knows me said that I have a very warm personality. Always smiling, always cheerful.

And life can be very happy as long as you are satisfy with what you have. And happy really does go lucky. I don't watch football nor Euro yet I won something out of it.

I unintentionally saw Charles & Keith post on Facebook and just click in to guess the winner of Euro between Spain and Italy.

I didn't know that there's gift for it. I was guessing just for fun since I was very free that day. Until the other day I received an email from Charles & Keith marketing dept.

The first thing was disbelieve but I became very excited. Hehehehehe... This is the first time I won something out from a random internet game. Without any requirement for slogan and all was based on a lucky guess. I wasn't even watching the Euro at all. I just click Spain because the last game I heard was Spain's semi final.

All I need to do was replying the email with some personal data and the selected outlet I wished to redeem my prize. I know what they are doing. Data collection on its consumers and background.

However, here's the picture of my gift:

I didn't expect they are going to take picture of me receiving the bag. I was out for grocery shopping but luckily I was wearing something decent.

The dress I got from Tukaria.
What's Tukaria? It's an event in the office whereby you bring the things that you have bought but you don't need it and exchange them. So, it's new items that you don't need or all items that you don't use anymore. Anything.

The entrance to the bronze room.

The community and intern who's helping.

Everything is well-arranged.


Aftermath. The well-folded clothes become messy messy.

I forgotten to capture the silver area which has the most items.
The picture above is the gold area.

You see the changes at the gold area? More choices.

Bidding items.
I managed to exchange quite a number of items back with the items that I don't used. Sememangnya ria. Quite a good and fair trade. And what happens to those that no one wants? Don't worry. The whole event is actually for charity sake. Whatever that people don't select will go to StArt Foundation.

And what is StArt foundationIt is a foundation that provides children of lesser privilege with the seed of opportunity, to unlock and express their love for the arts.

I even went to the StArt charity concert on 6 July. 

Most of us wasn't expecting a lot from the show since we thought it was just children performing. But it was so good that we, who initially plan to leave in between the show, stayed til the end. Now, I feel very bad that I even think of leaving in between the show.

Programme schedule. Missed out Reshmonu on Thur.

So many celebrities as ambassador/guest.

Vince Chong singing on stage.

One of the performances.

Liang as spokesperson.

There's so of them performing.

Awesome show. Thumbs up.
Rating of the performance: 6/7

There's are times when life is difficult but towards the end of the concert you realized this:
we have a home to go back to while the children from StArt don't. We are lucky to have our family, our loved ones YET we are never grateful for it. 

Cherish your loved ones. Spend more time with your parents and family members. Being together with loved one is happiness. Not everyone has the opportunity to do so.