Dark Knight Rises

I know this is very late but still better late than never :)

I went and watch Dark Knight Rises twice. The first round was at Sunway Pyramid IMAX. RM20 is worth it BUT our seats weren't at a good place though. It's too front so it's quite hard to watch the movie especially during the fight scenes. But the sound surround system is extremely good. Lesson learnt: Never buy any seats 6-7 rows from the screen.

Went for it the 2nd time and understand the story a lot. Just a missing part on the League of Shadow as I didn't watch Batman Begins. Free ticket from Dam Dam. Extendable was from him too. Free tickets. Yeah :)

The overall story is very well-planned and you do realized that the super hero movies nowadays are getting more humanize. Starting from Spiderman and now Batman. The whole plot is very good including how Gotham is being conquered and saved. Just a small part that doesn't make sense is whereby the part I thought Wayne is already paralysed and I thought Robin is going to replace him but story is not what I expected. Good one though. Even the villain is somebody I didn't expect at all. The effect is extremely good too. Not fake at all. My first time viewing it I thought the story is very long but my 2nd time I thought it ended too soon. Hehe...

Rating: 5/7