Snatch Theft at Kelana Jaya

I know I haven't blog for a long long time. My bad. Very busy and I still got work to do. Don't know what time I can finish. OMG!

Any way, I think I should take some time off to blog about this. Early Monday morning almost kena snatch theft while I was on the way to the office. 2 Malay dudes on motorbike with the plate number WRF4949 at Kelana Jaya. They are in their early twenties, both clad in T-shirts and jeans. They don't wear helmet so that you wouldn't be so alert when they come nearby.

But you do realize that that every time approaching Raya, crime rates increased. Not being racist but you do see crime rates increase every time Raya is approaching. And I thought this month is the holy month yet they still attempt robbery, theft, etc.

Even if they are fooling around just to scare me, I have taken this issue seriously and has taken the action to call  triple nine... 9...9...9... Though the cop has only said that they are going to add more "ronda" unit but it's Malaysia. You know that they wouldn't really take it so seriously. Cause they weren't very patient to take down my testimony. Sigh...