The Expandable

Gonna keep this short and simple on my review. Told someone that I will sleep before 12am today so have to keep to my words :)

 I didn't watch the first Expandable so I can't compare to it. But I would need to pre-empt those who has not watch the movie that it is quite mind f**king. You can see people blowing to pieces, dying as though you are stepping on an ant.

Kinda find the movie a bit fake as the main character can't get kill or hurt at all even though one of them has been shot twice yet like not injured at all. Even if they are hurt, they are healed very fast in the next scene. But overall, the movie is good especially seeing all the big time heroes I grew up watching in this movie - Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, etc. They look old yet still fit and body-licious. So cool!

Apart from killing here and there, there's a lot of funny scenes too. Humourous. ^^

Rating: 4/7