BB Cream Reviews

I've said before to share my thoughts on the products that I've used but have yet to update any for quite long.

I'm going to blog about BB cream. A lot of people heard of BB cream but never know what does this acronym stands for. "BB" stands more "Blemish Balm".

Actually, there's 2 saying about BB cream.
Some said that it is better than using foundation as it contains a lot of USP (unique selling points) - it serves as your moisturizer, sunblock, primer, foundation, some with anti-aging, etc. All-in-one and it saves not only the hassle, time used to put on the base for make-up but also money $$. Besides that, it's one layer against layers of sunblock, foundation, concealer, etc. It's a lot lighter and more natural.

It is also natural in colour so you don't have to worry in choosing the tone that suits you. However, some brands do have different tones/SKUs to choose from. BB cream is more refined compare to foundation and as such, provides better coverage and smoother. It helps to cover pore better as a base compared to foundation which clogs pore.

There's many saying so does the negative ones.

Some said that BB cream used to be used after plastic surgery to cover up the operation marks for a certain time frame. It is said to be harmful to the skin. Due to its multitasking properties, it is said that the chemical content within BB cream is a lot higher compared to other cosmetic products which I would say it comes to the same if you are to apply so many layers of product on your face.

Any way, it's all over the market and I'm using it. Be it good or bad, we, modern day consumer are into more and more of all this human-made product. I would say "chemical" product.

Let's compare 2 that I've used/ still using. L'egere and Skin79.

Comparing both, I prefer L'egere. You can refer to the pictures for better comparison.

Top: Skin79
Bottom: L'egere
P/S: My hand look a lot darker in this pic.

Skin79 is a lot whiter compared to L'egere. For a person with dark skin tone, L'egere suits my skin colour more. Maybe it suits people with fairer skin. Though the salesperson said that you need to let is set for 5 minutes so that the colour will look natural but I still think it looks very fair. This you might have to wait for 20-30 minutes later to only see it settle down which I don't have the patience.

Top: Skin79
Bottom: L'egere

Skin79 is way too thick. You need a long time to let it even out. L'egere can be very quick and I can apply gel eyeliner in a while time. For Skin79, my eyeliner would smudge or a bit harder to draw on unless I got a layer of eye shadow. As I don't really put on cosmetic, I prefer something fast when I do.

Can't see the difference after a long time.

I got my L'egere from Taiwan. I'm still hoping I can find one in Malaysia. If any of you know where I can get it please let me know. I've tried KBS in Fahrenheit 88 but they don't have. For Skin79, you can easily get it as Watson. It's priced at RM69. I bought it at KBS.

L'egere - 8/10
Skin79 - 6/10 (still ok)

I got no allergic reaction to both so shouldn't be a problem.

O ya... I forgotten I tried Etude House BB Cream before. Here's my comment on the product.

Received these samples from my cousin.

I didn't take other picture as I was using it directly during a trip out since it's in sample packages and easier to be carried around.

It's a bit stronger compared to the rest so I had some itch/redness on my face after using for the first time. It's way too fair for me. And I remain fair for quite long. It's also very thick. Thicker compared to Skin79. Fairer and thicker, I feel that I look like some sort of overly powdered girl. Luckily it didn't reflect in my pictures taken or I am gonna be super grumpy about it. Then I don't like the shiny/glossy effect. It's super shinny that I felt like I have just applied a layer of "gold dust/ sparkle dust/ 金粉" on my face. I don't feel natural at all. I can feel that layer on my face for the whole day.

Rating: 4/10

As a person who is into this industry - part and parcel of my job as one of my clients is beauty product distributor, I'm far different as I don't really apply make-up.

My most simple make-up steps:
  1. BB cream.
  2. Loose powder (I usually skip it) but this step shouldn't be ignore as it will help you retain your foundation longer.
  3. Blusher (I also skip this).
  4. Eye liner.
There, 2 steps and I'm done. Less than 3 minutes. Hehehe... And I only put on cosmetic if I'm meeting my client and some times depending on my mood. I might go without cosmetic too. Shame on me. Or I would just survive with Step 1. So, actually BB cream is quite important and it is actually advancing. Do you know that there's a new generation of BB called the CC? CC meant "Colour Control" and how do I found out about it? My client updated me on its existence in Singapore. It is also now available in Malaysia but only in powder form - the CC 2-Way Foundation but I'm not using it as I'm not my client's target audience. Not going to mention the name. You can go and find out about it on your own. It's available at Watson, Guardian, hyper and supermarts or other trade places that sells cosmetic :)