Fried Chicken Rice

What I do best is blogging about food around PJ and KL.

Bored with the usual chicken rice? Try out fried chicken rice instead. Went to Jalan Segambut for its fried chicken rice and it is super awesome. OMG! Super yummy. I don't know the direction there but it's just a normal stall by the road.

Picture courtesy from other blogger. 
This picture was taken way back in 2007 and it's still standing strong.
Price increase was a lot though.

The fried chicken is quite big. Almost double the size of KFC to say. Worth the $ though it's a bit pricey.

My rice after giving more than 1/2 to the boss :)

Only the chicken thigh and drumstick is available. No other parts are available. The chili sauce is yummy too.

Total damage for 4 is RM36 (RM9 per person). This includes drinks and 1 bowl of "suen choy" (literally translated to sour vege) for sharing.

Rating: 5.5/7

If you want something nearer in PJ, you can find one at Seapark. It's called Hoe Fong Restaurant. I didn't snap any picture as I haven't go there for a long time. At this place, you have more side dishes to choose from - lobak, vege, soups, etc.

Rating: 4/7

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