Advertising Account Exec

Sorry I've been away quite a while. Quit my job as an account exec to become a marketing exec but no worries as I am still involved with my "EX" job as there's one initiative project that I'm still handling. Not going to give it up so easily even though I'm seeing that everyone seems to be giving up on it. It's a very meaning full project yet there's so so so so so much obstacle. It's for the greater good of Malaysians.

Why did I make the move while I am still deeply involved in the job? I guess life is full of changes and the only constant in life is change. I can't see where I am going if I stay any longer. As if I have reach a stagnant point. I still love my previous job but it's only my first job. I need to widen my view and advertising is a small part of marketing. There's so much more room to improve myself. Learning never ends but advertising process is there. I can always come back and pick up the changes very fast. I am a fast study and I don't see it as a problem. I need something to challenge myself. I need to be sure that this is what I want to do in the future.

Advertising account exec is actually not accounting. Everyone out of the industry is always confused by our job title. An "account" here refers to our client. We service different accounts and as such, we are called the account executive. We are responsible for our own account. There's other names for it too and most commonly we are called the servicing. To make it sound nicer, my name card has the title: brand management executive.

We are the brand's guardian. We safeguard the brand's image in communication. We are the middle person for the client with the company. The middle person between internal team as well as the third parties. One thing for sure is to have a very good people management here. We need to maintain good relationship with Client, internal team and third parties to ensure everything goes smoothly.

A gag about advertising people. I'm at the top left.

A negative way to see us is that we are the middle person who gets all the scolding, etc, etc just to ensure that everything goes smoothly but this job is more than that. It's meaningful. Without us, an ad campaign will not be successful.

From the moment a project starts, we need to ensure not just the communication goes smoothly but also plan everything. First we need to preplan the timing of the whole project and directing/coordinating work flow - when to brief in to internal, presentation to client, revisions, production until the end product/advertisement is out to the public. We need to plan where to allocate the budgets provided, we contribute ideas, we brainstorm too and some times, we are responsible to initiate projects for the client to do. We monitor what is happening in the competitive landscape.

There's a lot of responsibility and being meticulous is very important. Before I take on this job, I am aware of what I am suppose to do as I was an intern in an advertising agency. For some, they tried to Google but not in extreme details. I will have a post in detail of the entire job scope it covers..... SOON.... Hehehehe...

Till then!