Amanda Todd


Saw Amanda's video above in Facebook. Clicked in to the Youtube link and saw so much comments. Mix comment but some are so evil that it disgusted me.

Some of the negative comments from the public out there. Most negative comments have been removed or flag.

How come people can be so cruel? This makes me question people's humanity. She is still young and naive. People tend to make mistake. She had learn her lesson and tried to move on. We should be more supportive. She has passed away and can't you all be more human? Show some sympathy.

It's not about the entire world paying attention to Amanda in particular but an awareness that there's bullying and what the world has become with internet. 1 simple mistake could cost your life. A lifetime of regret. It takes her such big courage to stand out in front of the camera to bring her story out. Though what might have caused her to commit suicide after she had said "... I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyone's future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through. I'm still here aren't I?" would remain unkwown.

It's not easy being an optimist while being in her situation. To her haters, please place yourself in others shoes, if it hurts you, it probably hurt the other too. It's not that she wanted to be famous for flashing her boobs. She don't have the intention to hurt others too. Just think of this ~ what if the same thing happens to your family member? Would you have been supportive to them or mentally torturing them?

May you rest in peace Amanda and to the one who leads her directly/indirectly to her death, I hope your conscience will not be eating yourself up. I love what said "I wonder what those abusers think now. I wonder what, if anything, they’ll tell their grandchildren years from now, about the time they drove a fragile girl to kill herself. More probably they’ll never speak a word of it, bound only to each other by evil secrets. And when the outrage dies down, I suspect they’ll be forgiven, because they were young and rash and didn’t mean to do such grievous harm. But they did mean it, surely; they’re not children, they weren’t just passively provoking."

Words are sharper than a knife. It can kill too. Think twice or even more before you open your mouth to hurt a person. Who are you to judge someone for their past?