Churp Out 2012

I wanted to go to Churp Out 2012 but was still down with my fever for almost a week. Waking up to the rain and become a bit moody. Plans for today all spoilt. It was still raining when I decided not to let the rain get in the way.

Went out at 11ish to fix my car tinting because the bubble is still around after so long. Then went for lunch and then to the doctor. Waited for 3 patients before my turn but I ended up reaching home at around 4ish. There goes half my day.

So many medicines and it's my 2nd round of medication. Been falling sick quite often lately :(

Went to Churp Out event at around 7pm. Registration counter for goody bag.

The goody bag:

 The things inside. There's Durex inside -.- Guess they are the sponsor apart from Mister Potato:

After registration, not only we get a goody bag, we were given a card to collect stamps at 5 contest booth.

Was out in the drizzle playing the games accompanying my little sister though I was sick. Guess it was only right since we are there. Felt a bit childish but still nothing wrong enjoying it... Each game we are given 3 tries or we have to queue again (except for the game 5 whereby as long as you participate, you get a stamp).

1st game was hard. It look easy but extremely hard for a small size girl like me. I don't have the strength to even hit it to the middle. Got some guys to help me. Thank you strangers!

2nd game was quite hard too. Didn't manage to complete it but since we tried 3 times, the person just gave us the stamp. :)

3rd game: *Me concentrating very hard.*

4th game was to throw in the "rings" to the bottles.

5th game: Bull riding. Didn't expect myself to really go and give it a try. Got down feeling drowsy. Maybe cause my fever is still around as well.

There's a last optional game by Celcom Xpax but decided to skipped it. There's a high chance of getting wet in this game which will make me even sick. So nah... I will just skip it.

Once all the 5 stamps was collected, we are entitled to a "lucky draw" with the options of winning either the following ~ Churp Churp plushies, thumb drive, badge, vouchers, etc...

Got myself a RM50 voucher. Open the letter but the 2nd attachment (for details before the voucher is given out) is missing.

Managed to capture picture with a few of the personalities I recognized there:

#Reuben Kang

*I look ugly/horrendous in the picture with my sick look.

#Joseph Germani aka Malaysia Number 1 salesman :)

And lastly Timothy Tiah