Sin Seng Nam

Went to this Hainanese restaurant for my ex boss' birthday celebration back in May. Such a big delay and this shouldn't be delay any more because there's isn't much more chance to eat here. Reason? I'll tell you later on.

KL is full of high rise building but this place is very nostalgic. It's been here for a long time. It's been passed down for generation and I love the ambiance here. It's the very typical Chinese restaurant that is very hard to be find any more with so many of them being commercialized.

The exterior of the shop.

The interior

Another in black and white taken by my ex boss via Instagram.

I have always love Hainanese coffee shops for the bread, coffee (when I was young. Now I am caffeine intolerance), chicken rice. Maybe because I always go to this type of restaurant with my parents during breakfast, I have never ever heard of Hainanese chicken chop. I find myself a bit the "kampung" but then I just found out that the Hainanese restaurant back in my hometown also has it.

Anyway this is my first time having a Hainanese Chicken Chop.

 My shot using Instagram.

My ex boss shot via Instagram too. 
Different people see things in a different angle.

It's very nice. My first time. The gravy is so much like the stew that my mum made, very home-cooked style but this is the first time I ate such gravy with chicken chop. Very special to say. The chicken does not have the usual chicken fats that I don't like having. Not like KFC where you find a thick layer of fats under the crispy chicken skin. I usually eat a little of the KFC chicken skin and throw the rest because I can't take the fat but this, I finished everything. The chicken skin does not have that oily layer of fats while the meat is tender and just right. Gravy is good too.

As I don't drink coffee, I am going to review based on the team's feedback. It's amazing that some of them went for a second glass. Super "kao" (thick).

I didn't manage to eat the chicken rice as I ordered the chicken chop. But reviews have it that it is very great too. Not to forgotten is the Indian stall within. The rojak mee is awesome. Didn't take a picture as it was placed so far from me.

 Picture taken from The Star

We went there for lunch at about 12.45pm to 1pm which usually you can never get any of the chicken chop nor chicken rice left. KL, my other ex boss reserved 10 plates for us. The chicken rice stall has no more rice and the stall owner was already cleaning while we reached there. So you have to be early.

Back to what I said in the beginning whereby there's not much chance to savour the food here because the owner is planning to retire soon. So, don't miss the chance of trying it out. The exact time has yet to be confirm but better early than late.

Ambiance: 5/7 A bit hot/warm inside but I love the old school look and feel.
Food: 6/7
Total damage: I got no idea. KL paid for it. Thanks.

It's located at Leboh Pasar Besar, KL ya...

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