Starbucks Malaysia Thermos (Oct 2012)

Brought myself a Starbucks Stainless Steel Thermos at RM128 for the 16oz bottle. If you think it is expensive I would defy it. They are having a 50% off drinks every time the bottle is used it in October. Plus I get a free drink from Starbucks card for buying a tumbler.

Got the white colour one :)

There's 2 opening. Top for us to drink from.

 Cover completely open.

An instruction comes together with the thermos
just in case.

I was eye-ing for a Hello Kitty thermos. Checked the price at Isetan and it caused RM199. I might as well get a Starbucks thermos which I can also save RM2 @ every drink I buy. Much more practical.

 Made in Malaysia

And the thermos is very good. I didn't expect a local manufactured thermos can keep warm for so many hours. It states 6 hours of efficiency but I would say it can last for more than 12 hours. I boiled coke with ginger in the morning before work. Put it in and it was still burning hot in the afternoon. I have to leave the cover open to let my drink chill. The drink was slow in chilling and was still very warm when I reach home at 8pm.

 Here's Starbucks' promo pic: